2017-2018 PTSA Membership

There are two ways to join the Lee HS PTSA:

1 - Download and complete the 2017-2018 Lee HS PTSA membership form.
  • Place it in an envelope with a check made payable to “Lee HS PTSA” and return it to the school office or mail it to: Lee HS PTSA, 6540 Franconia Road, Springfield, VA 22150.
2 - Online at Pay4SchoolStuff.com
  • Note: You do not have to be a parent or have a student at Lee HS to use Pay4SchoolStuff. More information below.
  • We add a small administrative fee to online membership purchases (between $0.60 and $0.75).
  • 1) Create an account:
    • Click LOGIN at the top of the Pay4SchoolStuff home page
    • Click "Create Parent Account" at the bottom of the LOGIN window
    • You will fill out a form and then receive an e-mail that lets you activate your account
  • 2) Add students OR yourself to the account
    • After activating your account you can add your students' names to the account OR
    • If you do not have a student at the school (or you don't want to add your students), you may self-register by entering your own name, and selecting “Adult” under grade.
    • Whether you add your students or self-register as an adult, you will need to choose State: "VA," County: "Fairfax" and School Name:"Lee High" on the form.
  • 3) Shop for memberships/donation
    • To access the Membership/Donation form,  click the 'Select' button next to one of your students' names or your name and then click on the 'Select' button to the right of 'Memberships/Donations'.
    • For memberships and donations, you only need to access the form through one of your students' names or your name (no need to use the Membership/Donation form more than once).
  • More on how to use Pay4SchoolStuff - Parent Quick Start Guide
Please consider making a donation with your membership. This money goes towards recognizing academic achievement, scholarships, the All-Night Graduation Celebration, school programs, and teacher appreciation events.